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  • This module is designed for those taking the English Test for Naturalization.

  • Welcome to Introduction to Writing Critically. It takes the approach of telling stories from your life by using Hemmingway’s method of writing truthfully and simply. The course will also help you find your own particular voice in the layers of cultural, social-political influence of how we have lived our lives. For this module, we are limiting the scope to stories from your childhood.

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  • This course takes you through some of the key challenges of academic writing for Second Language Learners.  It aims to start by building your confidence in writing in general and then building on your strengths,  you begin to work through the following areas: a) Structuring an academic essay b) Formulating your thesis c) Using evidence d) Writing critically and analytically e) Signposting f) Writing clearly g) Writing logically h) Paying attention to details i) Writing for an audience

This is an eLearning site for

a) those who wish to learn to write their childhood stories using the socially critical approach. It is designed to enable collaborative writing and support from peers.

b) ESL learners who would like to build their confidence in essay writing.


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